Our Vision

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them inthe name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.

Matthew 28:19-20a

If the vision Jesus had was to see people making disciples, then why should ours be any different? At Pointe North our mission is to "Bring People Closer to Jesus."
To do that, we must make disciples, who make disciples...

• Making Disciples who make Disciples •

Our Values

  • Found People Find People

    God’s Message of forgiveness through Christ is most effective conveyed within the context of personal interaction with outsiders. Who are you bringing closer to Jesus?

  • Saved People Serve People

    God has designed each of us to play a role in the body of Christ. Our spiritual gifts have the greatest impact as we serve. Do you have a place to serve?

  • Growing People Change

    God has spoken to us through the Bible and we recognize it as the final authority for our lives. As we grow closer to Jesus our priorities, attitudes, and actions will be consistent with scripture.

  • Life Together

    Accountability, belonging, care, and spiritual growth happen best with relationally connected believers. Are you connected with others in a small group?

  • Generous Giving

    It is impossible to out give God! We give generously in obedience to God's Word and with glad hearts because we through Christ have been given more than we could ever repay. We want to be known for our generosity. Are you committed to giving generously?

  • To the Ends of The Earth

    We want to be known just as much for our sending capacity as our seating capacity. We want to be a church that sends people all over this community and the earth to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. Are you involved in missions and outreach at Pointe North?

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