Stage 4: Young Adult

Spiritual young adults are making a shift from being self-centered to being God- and other-centered.

They are beginning to reorient their lives around God's Word and his people and mission. They are starting to understand that God has called them to give to the body of Christ, rather than simply take. They can be characterized by statements or questions such as:

  • In my devotions, I came across something I have a question about.
  • I really want to go to Kenya on a mission trip this summer. I know I'm ready for it. I know God has big plans for my life.
  • I just love being a worship leader. I think it's something God has gifted me in, and i love to see an entire congregation lifting their hands in worship when I'm leading.
  • I have three friends I've been witnessing to, and our small group would be too big for them, so can we branch so they can come?
  • Mike and Christi missed our group, so I called them to see if they're okay. Their kids have the flu, so maybe our group can make meals for them. I'll start.
  • Look at how many are at church today – it's awesome! The closest parking spot I could find was at the grocery store across the street!

If you find yourself here in the young adult stage, maybe take our Roots Classes, consider facilitating a small group, or look into one of our upcoming mission trips.