Find the right Group for you


Small Group - A mixed group of 3 – 15 people (ideally 10 –12) –these people can be from all walks of life with a common desire to know who God is and what their purpose is in this life. Groups begin or end with fellowship usually involving food or refreshments. Before the study portion begins, groups talk through a set of standards or expectations that we call a “Group Covenant.” Then the group collectively studies God’s Word in the format of a Bible story with follow up questions that facilitate personal, spiritual and relational growth. 

Why Small Group - Ultimately we can find several benefits in doing Small Groups. However, the over-arching purpose for groups at Pointe North is multiplication, also known as disciple making. Disciples are not just made on a Sunday morning from the stage. They are made through relational environments where people can grow closer together and closer to Jesus. We see this modeled throughout the New Testament.

It’s in these environments, like the disciples of Jesus, you can discover what God’s character is, and what your purpose is.

Childcare for Groups (6wks – 5th grade)

At Pointe North we offer Children's Programming on Wednesday Nights. Feel free to use this as Childcare as you attend your Small Group. For all those that attend a Sunday Evening Small Group, we offer free childcare.

Parents must come inside

the church to personally check in and out your children.