Converge Boston Mission Trip

Our Youth is going to share to gospel to Boston this spring!

Boston, MA Mission Trip

April 14-19, 2019

Historically, Boston played a major role as one of the birth places of the United States of America. It is for this reason that Boston remains one of the most influential cities in the United States. The city serves as a haven for academia, cultural arts, business, law, politics and professional sports. In essence, it can be said that Boston plays a deciding factor in the direction of U.S. cultural development.

Though the Christian heritage of Boston is undeniable, it has, over the past 200 years, become one of the most anti-Christian cities in America. In face, Boston is now described as an official “unreached population” by most Christian missions’ experts, organizations and statisticians. From a Biblical perspective Boston is a city of compromise. Though it was once filled with evangelical, Bible teaching churches, it is now widespread with new age ideas and postmodern values. ld church buildings that once house Christ following congregations are now promoting the homosexual agenda, universalism, polytheism and liberal humans. In essence, Boston has become a city that is morally, socially, and culturally lost. It is in great need of churches that will both preach and live the Gospel of Jesus.

What will the students do?

The students will be partnering with a local Church plant called Church at the Well. Church at the Well has three strategic coffeehouse locations throughout downtown Boston that allows the Church to interact with the people of Boston on a daily basis.

Today, coffeehouses can be considered the modern day well. IN the Bible wells served as a place to get water, socialize with others, have public meetings, listen to new ideas, hear the latest news, make public announcements, attract a crowd, serve needs, watch people and listen