Small Group Workbooks

In order for you to accomplish the goal of making mature disciples, LifeWay Christian Resources has created a curriculum that takes the guesswork out of the process. You see, in order for a mature disciple to be made, it is essential that there be a biblical, intentional, and systematic approach in place. For this reason, LifeWay recruited fifteen church leaders from around the country who have been making mature disciples for decades. The LifeWay team worked alongside them to create a groundbreaking disciple-making series entitled Disciples Path. This series includes six studies: The Beginning, The Way, The Call, The Truth, The Life, and The Mission. Each of these studies can be done independent of the rest, but it would be much more effective if they were done in succession over a period of time. 


    Walk through the Gospels and follow the journey of Jesus and the first disciples.

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  • The Call

    Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Christ in everyday life.

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  • The Truth

    Answer the question: What does a disciple believe?

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  • The Beginning

    First Steps for New Disciples

    Take the first step for a new believer and new disciple, exploring the foundations of following Jesus and discovering the answers to questions that all disciples ask.

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  • The Mission

    Elevate God's mission to redeem the world and inspire disciples to discover their role in that mission.

    -Workbook will be available the third week of September-

  • The Life

    Take a deeper look at the essential spiritual disciplines and practices that help all believers mature as followers of Christ.

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